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Wild Billy Lake has been managed as a world class fishery for fly fishermen in pursuit of trophy rainbows for over 20 years.  Our goal is to provide anglers with an unforgettable experience in a private, picturesque environment.  We recognize the continued decline of trophy fisheries and are committed to preserving this wonderful resource for future generations. 

Our lake is reserved for fly fishing only. All hooks must be barbless, with a small gape, and all fish must be released. Please take great care to release your fish unharmed.  To maintain the quality of fishing, we also limit the number of anglers and prohibit the use of gas motors. 

Fish Species:

Our lake is home to a variety of species of waterfowl, birds of prey, desert mammals, and BIG fish!  Historically, we have stocked the lake each year, trying a variety of species of fish to augment your angling experience.  Donaldson Steelhead, Kamloops Rainbows, Mt. Lassen Rainbows, Deschutes River Redsides, Roaring River Rainbows, Eagle Lake Rainbows, and Nisqually Rainbows.