What supplies are in the cabins?  Both cabins come equipped with dishware and all cooking, serving and eating utensils. Cabins have a propane stove and oven, a wood stove with firewood, solar lighting, a barbecue and a sink for washing (bring your own water).

Do you have power?  No, Wild Billy can be considered to be “off grid” as we do not have running water or electricity.  We do have a solar system that powers the solar lighting in the cabins.

What about beds and bedding?  Cabin 1 has 2 bedrooms, one with a bunkbed and the other with a bunkbed and a twin bed, sleeping 5 total.  Cabin 2 has 3 bunkbeds and 2 additional twin beds, sleeping 8.  Bring your own pillows and bedding or sleeping bags.

What about bathrooms?  Each cabin has a nice, clean outhouse located a short walk away.

Do you have drinking water?  No, you will need to bring all necessary water for your trip.  Consider your water requirements for hydration, cooking, cleaning, and bathing.

Is an Oregon fishing license required?   No, this is a private lake.  Remember, if you’ve joined us in pursuit of big rainbows, the lake is fly fishing only and is catch and release.  Please see FLY FISHING for more information.

What about outside fires and firewood?  As long as there isn’t a burn ban in effect, you can have a campfire in the outdoor fire pit. Each cabin has a fire pit. We supply the firewood but ask that you conserve wood when possible.

What about phones, cell phones and internet?  Again, we are Off Grid and hope that our guests will embrace the freedom that is associated with that.  That being said, we recognize the need to be in touch with family and/or friends for various reasons and acknowledge the availability of very good cellular coverage at the lake.

What’s the road like to the lake?  The last 3.5 miles to the lake are on a gravel road that is acceptable. Take your time and you’ll have no problems.

What about pets?  Are you kidding me? We can’t imagine you not having your pet with you to enjoy the experience. 

How far away is the nearest town for supplies?  Beatty, Oregon is 20 minutes away by car.  Klamath Falls is 60 minutes and is a sizeable community with everything that you could possibly need.

What boats are available for use?   We have 5 boats for your use, they are Koffler Aluminum Prams with anchors, life jackets, and oars.

Is there a ramp available for me to launch my boat?  Yes, both cabins have beaches that allow the launching of your boat.  Remember, gas motors are not allowed on the lake.